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Welcome to The Coalition For Change, Inc. (C4C) Information Portal

We have collected useful information on civil rights case law, journal articles, agency databases and other relevant publications to aid public servants who too often confront retaliation and discrimination in the Federal workplace.  C4C members understand that the impact of discrimination on victims is unhealthy and often long-term.   Navigating through the administrative system to address Federal workplace injustices is both frustating and costly for employees who are victimized in the workplace.  Moreover, to the peril of our Nation, the public servant charged with administering vital public services often suffers physical, psychological, occupational and economic consequences as a result of employment discrimination. 

In addition to providing useful data to present and former public servants seeking to challenge pervasive Federal workplace discrimination, the C4C Information Portal offers the general public insight on civil rights violations taking place within the Federal sector.   It captures notices to agency officials and the RMO link identifies public officials who have been named in civil rights complaints.  Wrongdoing within the Federal sector continues to impact public program administration fairness, safety and efficiency.

  Notably, the cost of discrimination to the public, the taxpayer, remains in the
$$$,$$$,$$$$ millions of dollars.   To better protect our citizens, we must protect our Federal workers.   For the Federal government’s treatment of its workers is inextricably linked to the quality of goods and services it renders to the public.   Federal workers function in such areas as: homeland security, air and highway safety, food inspection, environmental science and public welfare.   Without question, employees who work for the Federal sector serve on America’s first line of defense with regard to protecting our domestic security.

OBJECTIVE:   It is our hope that by making such critical self-help information available to civil servants and publicly exposing Federal workplace injustices we can propel a CHANGE to improve the Federal government workplace culture.